STUDIO ZOEGGELER ARCHITEKTEN was founded in 1974 by Oswald Zoeggeler and has been run by the second generation together with Alexander Zoeggeler since 2002.

Forms and spaces have a character and expressiveness because they are the visible surface of a spiritual content, a soul. Based on this credo, we design houses and furniture, plan cities and building ensembles, produce models and watercolours.

We understand architecture as a timeless quality that is not subject to short-lived fashions. Our fascination is with living spaces, the space in nature designed by man: Interior spaces formed by building shells and exterior spaces formed as urban condensations of streets and squares.

In design, we prefer materials that are themselves authentic. Building materials, like everything earthly, have their own life and therefore in their choice the ability of their good ageing is important to us.

Our architectural projects are always parts of a larger urban environment and our urban projects are drawn with architectural forms.