1944 born in Meran (Italy)


1963-65 Studies at the Technical University in Vienna.

1965-68 Studies at the Venice School of Architecture.

1969 Doctoral thesis with Carlo Scarpa

1969-70 with James Stirling in London

1970-71 with James Cubitt in London

1971-72 with Denys Lasdun in London

1972-73 with Wilhelm Holzbauer in Amsterdam

Professional activity:

1974 Architectural practice in Merano together with W.Gutweniger and G.Piarulli

since 1975 own architectural office in Bolzano

since 2002 in collaboration with Alexander Zöggeler

Academic career:

1974-86 Assistant at the Venice School of Architecture.

Assistant to Carlo Scarpa, Gino Valle and Luciano Semerani.

1987-2014 Full Professor at the University of Florence.

"Architectural Design" ( ICAR 14)

1981 Visiting lecturer at the Technical University of Munich - guest lecturer for Friedrich Kurrent

1989-94 Visiting Lecturer at the Technical University of Innsbruck - guest lecturer for Leopold Gerstl

1998-2000 Member of the "Urban Planning Advisory Board" of the City of Linz

2002/03 Visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Trieste.

2017   Honorary member of the Chamber of Architects RLD Bolzano

2022   Lifetime Achievement Award, 10th Architecture Prize Chamber of Architects       RLD Bolzano


1972 "Ten Projects by Oswald Zoeggeler".Academy of Fine Arts , Department of Architecture, Amsterdam

1973 "Young Architects" House of Culture, Bolzano ,

1976 "Tyrolean Summer" Innsbruck , Congress Centre

1981 "Tierra 2" Architecture Biennale, Wroklaw , Poland

1982 "Italian Projects for the IBA" in Berlin Roma, A.A.M./COOP. Architettura arte moderna

1985 "From the architect's workshop" - Museum - Gallery, Bolzano

1986 "South Tyrolean Architects" - Cultural Centre, Innsbruck

1987 Triennale di Milano "Le città immaginate" - Milan

1987 "Nuovi progetti per Venezia" - Venice

1988 "Università e progetto" - IUAV, Venice

1989 "Oswald Zoeggeler" Galleria Prisma, Bolzano

1989 "Nuovi progetti per Trento" - Trento

1990 "Interno urbano" Oswald Zoeggeler, Casa del Mantegna, Mantua

1991 "Oswald Zoeggeler" House of Architecture, Chamber of Architects, Moscow

1991 Biennale di Venezia, Quinta mostra internazionale di architettura, padiglione Italia

1992 "Italia sommersa" - - Massa Carrara

1993 "Oswald Zoeggeler" Technical University Eindhoven

1995 "From the architect's workshop" Gallerie Prisma, Bolzano

1995 Fondazione Tetraktis, Teramo "Premio Tetraktis

1996 Biennale di Venezia Retrospettiva "Architettura radicale"

1998 "Oswald Zoeggeler architetto“ Galleria civica Padova

1998 Mostra collettiva del concorso "Free University of Bolzano".Vecchia Fiera 2-18.10.

1998 "40 x 40" Architetura e non Atelier Arti Visive "Ducale" Mantova

1999 Exhibition of the awarded projects at the competition of the "University of Bolzano", ETH - Zurich

1999 artefax Merano "Fashion Show", Termenareal, Merano

2002 "Oswald Zoeggeler - Projects for Klausen" Museum Klausen

2006 Neue Architektur in Südtirol 2002-2006  Haus der Kunst Meran